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Nitrile household gloves


As a leading supplier of PPE in China, Cosafety are always supplying customers high quality products at competitive prices, we grandly introduce Nitrile Household gloves to all customers this time, which works hard to protect your hands during household chores.

The features and benefits of such gloves are as follows:

1, Excellent air-tightness, abrasion resistance and long life usage;
2, Dots pattern textured grip on palm allows for dependable grip in wet or dry conditions;
3, Nitrile coated outer makes gloves easy to clean and dry after working;
4, Normal thickness is 15mil, welcome your inquiry if you need special thickness, including 8mil, 10 mil, 11mil, 13mil, 18mil, 20mil, 22mil;
5, Comply with EN 420 & EN 388:2004 standard.

Cosafety can supply not only Nitrile household gloves, but also other working gloves. 

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